Jagannath Hall Alumni Association Australia (JHAAA)

Like the Jagannath Hall alumni associations in Bangladesh and various other countries abroad, JHAAA is the association of the former Jagannath Hall students and their families living in Australia.

The former students of Jagannath Hall, in wherever and whatever conditions they live, are all eager to reminisce about the days of pleasure and pain in their university life. They also intend to seek advice and exchange views and experiences towards fulfilling their aspirations and building a better society that they live in or a part of.

We, the alumni of Jagannath Hall, aspire to excel in our professions or areas of work or interests, irrespective of living in Bangladesh or overseas. Thousands of our alumni have demonstrated their extraordinary talent and creativity in many areas including education, science, research, politics, diplomacy, sports, arts, literature etc. in Bangladesh and many countries across the world.

One of the core motivations and driving forces for thriving in our work has been the heightened pride, prestige and sense of belongingness with Jagannath Hall and Dhaka University. And therefore, we not only desire to build a better and dignified life for ourselves, but we want to see the same for people around us.

Having the above views in mind, we have formed Jagannath Hall Alumni Association Australia (JHAAA). In a general meeting at Reg Byrne Community Centre, Wentworthville NSW, on 22 July 2017, the Jagannath Hall alumni in Australia unanimously proposed to form a similar association in Australia.

Towards mobilising the alumni in Australia, a number of events were organised. On 29 October 2017, the alumni organised their first reunion at the Redgum Function Centre, Wentworthville, NSW. On 22 April 2018, they celebrated Pohela Boishakh at Parramatta Park, NSW. Eventually, JHAAA was formed and incorporated under NSW Fair Trading on 19 June 2018. JHAAA held its first Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 11 August 2018. And since then it has been holding the espoused events every year.

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